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Timothy Cowles Professional Ventriloquist Figures - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Winkers - a popular and versatile effect. Used for winking, or both for sleeping, blinking, praying, etc.
  • Raising Eyebrows - A great "attention getter" and a lot of laughs! It is useful and effective for showing surprise or a look of amazement or questioning.
  • Lowering Eyebrows - Adds a unique mischievousness look.
  • Wide Eyed Option - This fun effect allows the figure's eyes to open extra wide for a look of surprise, fright, amazement. The affect is controlled by moving the winker levers in the opposite direction. May only be ordered together with winkers.
  • Stick-out Tongue - A great tease! Also adds laughs to any of your "Going to the Doctor" or "I'm sick" routines. Available only on the Standard style Control Post
  • Upper Lip Sneer - Upper lip raises to show off detailed, hand carved teeth. A great effect as your pal flashes his pearly whites.
  • Wiggling Nose - A “sniffing” effect, your audience is sure to get a kick out of this guy as he sniffs the air for sweet smelling apple pie or a bad joke!
  • Wiggling Ears - These don't just tremor, they wiggle! Eye- catching, unexpected surprise!
  • Custom wood carved heads (wood carved series and The Ultimates series)
  • Custom "life-glass" eyes
  • Internal stops add to ease of use
  • Contoured light-weight body
  • Custom designed levers - a dream to operate!
  • Solid Rod Control Post! Direct linkages, no strings to break!
FEATURES and Animations
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Features Demo Video
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