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Timothy Cowles Professional Ventriloquist Figures - - - - - - - - - - -
PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE STANDS: Beautiful chrome plated stands that will hold the heaviest of characters with no slippage. The threads on top fit the standard mic flange, threads are machined right onto the stand, this ensures that the top screws on and stays put with no movement! Top features slip resistant material, and completed with attractive gold fringe. Give your performance that professional edge! Stand and Top - $155.00
CUSTOM CASES: OK, you just purchased your character, now where do you store it? Have we got the cases for you! These cases are extremely durable, taking the shock so your figure won't. Each case is lined with a 1/2" G 60 density foam, designed so that your figure fits in easily. All cases are black in color. Recessed Latches and Handles Cases: (pictured) C1 - 24"x15"x9" (fits 38"-40" figures).......$299.00 C2 - 22"x12"x8.5" (fits 34"-36" figures)....$275.00 C3 - 20"x11"x8" (fits 32"-34" figures)....$265.00 Surface Mounted Latches and Handles Cases: C4 - 24"x14"x9" (fits 38"-40" figures).......$265.00 C5 - 22"x12"x8.5" (fits 34"-36" figures)....$230.00 C6 - 20"x11"x8" (fits 34"-36" figures)....$230.00
Body 1.jpg
EXTRA BODY: Lightweight body designed for 38"- 40" heads. B1 - $165.00
Bare Feet.jpg
CLASSIC BARE FEET! Add these feet to any figure! Suitable for any 38"-40" character. $175.00
Gangster 1.jpgventstand.jpgsmashedhand2.jpg
COMEDY SMASHED HAND! What a fun effect! As you are closing your character in his case, you slip this little prop into the lid and the fun starts! Audience tested with great response! $20.00
New Case 2.jpg